Can I Colour my hair and do a Keratin Treatment?

Can I Colour my hair along with Keratin treatment?

Without a doubt, keratin treatment is a wise option for the women with frizzy, curly and unmanageable hair. You can live with smooth, silky, beautiful and controllable hair. Unlike other treatments, it is a protein-based treatment that improves the quality and health of your hair by filling the hair cuticles through a natural protein – keratin. A question is frequently asked by women who want to go for this treatment – Can I Colour my Hair and Do a Keratin Treatment the Same Day? The answer is ‘Yes.Keratin treatment before after


Many of people think that they can’t colour their hair with this treatment but is not true. One can try hair colour and highlight along with smoothing treatment. If you have a desire to colour your hair and get hair straightening treatment on the same day, it is recommended that you should have your hair coloured or highlighted first. The hair colour will be sealed with the keratin during the practice. Ultimately, you will get more natural hair colour that will remain for long. The hair colour will be brightened and made more attractive. In fact, after this treatment highlights become more noticeable because of the shine and spark.

However, it is important to understand one thing that poor quality dyes can be washed off during the treatment. So, it is important to use the best and safe hair colour. It will be great to get hair colour and keratin treatment in the same salon.

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