Hot water bath causes dry skin!


Long hot water bath can make your skin dry

Dry skin with hot showerAre you regularly having long bath with hot soapy water? Then it’s not good for your skin and you are actually removing the protective oils of your skin’s outermost
layer and making your skin go dry.

Skin is the largest and fastest growing organ. It protects you and keeps cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. The outermost layer of the skin, which consists of
dead skin cells embedded in a mixture of natural oils(lipids) that are made by underlying living skin cells. These natural oils keep the water inside our body from
escaping out and keeps irritating substances and germs from entering our body. Skin oils and dead skin cells hold a certain amount of water in the outer layer of skin
and this keeps our skin soft and smooth.

Dry skin results when there is not enough water in the outer layer of the skin. One reason for this is when oils are lost and the water that is normally present in the
skin is allowed to escape.
When outermost skin layer dries out it shrinks and small cracks can occur which exposes living cells to irritating substances in the air and germs in the environment.

Causes for dry skin:

Having hot water shower or bath for more than 10 min
Using too much soapy water
Exposure to harsh chemicals
Cold and hot weather conditions
Low humidity
Normal aging process
Central heating
Certain skin diseases

How to avoid dry skin:

Take short bath or shower, not more than 10 min
Use warm water and not hot water
Use soaps for sensitive skins
Don’t rub the towel on skin after the bath
Apply moisturiser after the bath
Drink about 2 liters of water a day

By taking regular Facials, Pedicure and Manicure, you may keep your skin healthy by removing dead skin cells on the outer layer and also keep required moisture levels on the skin to look natural and fresh and healthy.

Have a healthy skin.