Manicure- life is not perfect but your nails can be!

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment of hand and fingernails performed at home or salon. This involves removal of the cuticles, massaging the hands, softening of the hands, shaping of nails and sometimes painting of the nails. A manicure will leave the hand soft and supple and will make the nails glossy and sleek. Manicures are the best and easiest way to pamper yourself. They are quick and affordable and a great way to try out something trending as well as relaxing.

One can choose a good salon for manicure like Cocoon, Hyderabad. This salon offers a variety of manicures which are affordable and will definitely leave your hands and nails looking good. Cocoon saloon has well trained and experienced manicurist who offers a great beauty service. This saloon maintains an optimal level of hygiene.

A manicure can last from fifteen minutes to an hour, depending upon the type of manicures. Time duration depends upon various extra elements added to the manicure service like a massage, different types of nail art etc.

Why is manicure important?

Going for a manicure session is good for improving the texture and health of skin of the hand and fingernails. A manicure leaves the hand look polished and perfect. A good manicure can relax and energise the body.

A manicure can attend various skin related problems like sore skin, broken nails or dry hands.

Manicure - Hand Massage

Manicure – Hand Massage

A good manicure can help in getting clean, shaped, strengthened and decorative nails.
Manicure involves a good massage and acupressure, these two techniques help in stimulating blood and lymph flow to improve the health of skin of the body.
A manicure involves usage of oils, creams and waxes for exfoliation, cleanse and improve the texture of nails and skin of the hands.

Manicure is a great way to ensure you look after your hand’s beauty and softness. There are various techniques used in manicure from a type of cream to massage, the techniques can vary from saloon to saloon. So, always select a good salon with experienced beauticians like Cocoon, Hyderabad.

What to expect in a manicure?

A typical manicure involves filling and shaping of the fingernails followed by pushing back and clipping of the cuticles, cuticles is the skin which grows at the base of the fingernails and if not clipped can cover the lower area of the nails. The filling of nails is then followed by massaging, soaking and moisturizing of the hands. Depending upon the customer’s choice, a manicure mostly includes an application of nail polish to the fingernails.
A manicure is very soothing and gives a nice feel, touch and look to your hands and nails. Manicure involves various techniques like reflexology or other hand massage techniques to relax your senses.

Manicurist doing Manicure at Cocoon Salon

Manicurist doing Manicure at Cocoon Salon

Types of manicures offered in Cocoon

Basic Manicure: involves soaking hands in warm water, exfoliating it with a scrubber, cutting the cuticles and shaping the fingernails and applying nail paint according to the choice of colours of the customers.
Aroma Manicure: this type of manicure involves essential oils with a soothing smell which relaxes mind and body. This manicure leaves the hand soft with a good fragrance.
Candle Manicure: this is the best manicure to treat your hands in winters. It helps in moisturizing and soothes rough hands and brittle nails.

Nail Paint after Manicure

Nail Paint after Manicure


Which nail paint is better- gel or standard?
Gel nail paints last longer than standard nail paints so go with gel.

Is acetone harmful to nails?
No, it is natural and helps in restoring the moisture in cuticles and hands after the manicure.
Is getting manicure safe during pregnancy?
Yes. There are no harmful products used in manicure which can harm the mother or the baby. So you can pamper yourself during this time too.

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