What is hair spa?

Hair spa is a therapy that deals essentially with damage, dandruff and hair fall, and it also maintains strong, bouncy, healthy and lustrous hair. In today’s world, it is the most popular hair treatment that people go through.

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Hair spa for natural hair

Hair spa for natural hair

Hair spa procedure video shot at Cocoon Salon Manikonda

It is one of the best rituals to keep your hair conditioned and healthy. The best thing about hair spa is that anybody with any problem regarding hair can go and get it. If you are dealing with hair that lacks strength and volume, you can get hair spa, if you have hair fall issues, sure, you can get hair spa, if you have hair that lacks shine and lustre you can get a hair spa done. It is pretty much one solution to many problems. It is the perfect solution for building strength in each hair follicle and that creates a bouncy look.

Benefits of hair spa and best products for beautiful hair

Hair spa has always been around only it wasn’t called hair spa in the golden days. Remember all the grandma recipes for thick and lush and long hair? Well, that’s absolutely what hair spa does to your hair. If you are suffering from the crushed, tangled or messy hairs, then Spa is the only thing that can come to your rescue. It makes your hair healthy and controls all the damage. As many claim, it is actually not a new concept for hair rebirth. It is a great way to relax you and also gets you wonderful hair. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is high time you hit a salon and get it once. And believe it or not, doing it once will never be enough. It is a pleasurable experience and you will love it, hands down. It is mandatory if you want your hair to look best on a particular special day, or even just any other day. Who doesn’t want to have good hair day every day, right? After all that’s the utmost dream of every girl and honestly, men too, they might not agree with it but no one denies good hair luxury.

When can you start with hair spas?

Hair spa treatmentGuess what, there is no age bar to hit the parlour or salon for a hair spa, however, you should not start too young either. To a certain age, you must let your hair grown naturally and however it wants. Not too many chemicals should be used then. So the ideal age to start getting a hair spa would be 14- 15 and you can go on after that till any age you want desire. 14-15 is said to be the ideal age because that is the age kids start getting dandruff and hair fall problems. At that age if you start getting hair spa done you will be almost free from all the damage at a later stage. You can get it done every week if you want or ideally you should get it done once in a fortnight. Different numbers of sessions are required for different problems. For an instance, if a client is suffering from dandruff, 6 sessions are required to get desired results and also try to stop the condition to recur. Other hair spas do not require six sessions for results to show.

Preparation required prior to Hair Spa

Before you sit for a session of hair spa, the therapist @ Cocoon will first take a look at the condition and texture of your hair. And then they will offer you remedies that will be suitable for building or improving your hair quality. There are some spas which offer protein treatments, which can build the strength of your hair like none other. Why? Because your hair is made of keratin, which are chains of amino acids and chains of amino acids are proteins. Hence, protein is the most essential requirement for hair growth and strength.

Hair spas can be also done at home but it is highly advisable to go to a therapist and get it done, because they know the best for you hair. So if you ever want to get hair spa done at home choose a serum mixed with conditioner and you are good to go. The home remedies are usually useful to regain the shine and lustre. While for gaining strength or hair fall issues or dandruff problems it is better if you visit a therapist and get it done.

Types of hair spas:

There are several kinds of hair spas available in the market as already mentioned, and they are for different purposes and different issues; although, the main ambition of all the treatment is to get your hair better. Some of the types of hair spas are anti-hair fall, hydrating, smoothening and repair spa.

Anti Hair-Fall Spa

Anti-hair fall hair spa as the name suggests is for treating hair fall issues.

Hydrating Hair Spa

Hydrating hair spa is for dealing with dry and unmanageable hair.

Smoothening is for frizzy hair and repair hair spa is for extremely dry and damaged hair. If you have coloured or permed your hair and you are going through some crazy hair fall plus dry and extremely damaged, you must definitely get a repair hair spa done. It’s a promise that you will fall in love with your hair again.

Keratin Treatment
Keratin treatment is also good for damaged hair, but before doing that it is suggested that you get a repair hair spa done. Repair hair spa has a lot of other compounds used in it with added keratin in it, and hence it can be highly beneficial for your hair.
@ Cocoon we prefer using L’Oreal based products only as they are confined and effective for longer duration of time in comparison to other products.

The general procedure for hair spa and best products for hair spa

Hair spa at Cocoon salonAlthough there are different kinds of hair spa, the procedure for hair spas is usually the same for all of the kinds. It generally takes 30 to 45 minutes for a hair spa session to be completed. And the procedure involves hair wash, spa cream bath, gentle massage, steam, plain wash and towel drying your hair. Most of our hair spa therapies at Cocoon are done with L’Oreal because they are amongst the best products when it comes to hair products. They have compounds which are great at building the hair strength and adding shine to it. There are a wide range of products available for different purpose. When it comes to hair spas L’Oreal is the best brand to opt for. Let’s see the step by step procedure of hair spa treatment which you will undergo when you are with us, the famously famous for pampering customers; Cocoon:
Step 1
The first that the therapist take while giving you a hair spa is to wash your hair thoroughly so that no dirt is sticking to your hair and whatever nutrients or compounds are there in the product it gets penetrated into the hair shaft for full action.

Step 2
Spa cream bath and conditioner is mixed in equal and ample amounts and applied to your hair and scalp. The scalp is the place where more attention should be given, if your scalp is healthy, your hair will be. And it is very important to keep your scalp clean. Dirt and pollution affect your hair a lot and make sure that you save your hair and scalp from that.

Step 3
Gentle massage is given to the scalp so that the product gets evenly distributed for absorption by the hair follicle. The products usually act of the hair follicles to make your hair healthy. Gentle massage opens up clogged pores and increases blood flow that helps in absorption of the product.

Step 4
Once a gentle massage is applied, you are ready for steam. Steam is applied for 5-10 minutes and not more than that. Because the temperature of the steam can ruin the texture of your hair. Old fact- heat is bad for your hair. Make sure you never wash your hair with hot water. It can damage your hair beyond repairable and might take a lot of time to get back to its usual self. Although, warm water is advisable but cold water is the best for your hair. Because that locks and seals the moisture and you are ready for mirror shine hair. And obviously, envy worthy.

Step 5
After the steam, you are given a plain wash and the products are washed off of your hair.

Step 6
Your hair is then towel dried. No heat, because you are visiting a therapist to improve your hair quality and heat is a strict no for good hair. But, if you cannot do without styling your tresses, kindly make sure that you use some heat protection products to save it from the ruthless heat of the styling products.

Try to allow your hair to dry naturally without using any add-ons, that way your hair gets to breathe and stays healthy for a longer time. And remember, to protect your hair from sun and pollution. It is the most essential key towards achieving amazing hair. For regular wash try using L’Oréal products.

How much the hair spa costs?

Though, a fancy name but @ Cocoon we make sure to offer you services which are re-known and at the best prices available. L’Oreal products are suggested by many renowned hair stylists and professionals. The hair spa treatments seem to be very luxurious but guess what? They are not as expensive as you might think.
For men it might take 850- 1000 Rupees per session and for women it starts from 1500 and can go upwards depending on the density and the length of the hair. Generally, a Spa treatment requires 6 sessions for dandruff treatment.

Hair spa for men

Though there are many benefits but some which you will love to hear is an envy friend who will be jealous of you because of the free flowing silky locks along with the beautiful compliments from the special someone in your life. Still thinking? Plan your date with us @ cocoon at the earliest by calling your nearest branch or book an appointment by visiting our site. So go on get hair spas and fall in love with your looks all over again.