Keratin Treatment is the new BFF of your hairs

Contouring or Smoothening are considered to be the BFF of rough hair and girls. But why to play with your hairs, Try the latest Keratin Therapy and reduce your time spent on blow drying your hairs by nearly 4 times. Excited? Let’s explore what all does the Keratin Treatment bring in for you, which can make your hair smooth and silky without damaging your hair at all.

Keratin Treatment before after

Keratin Treatment before after

Let’s understand this magical treatment of Keratin therapy which will bring a positive change in your life.

Understanding more about the term Keratin:

What is Keratin?

Keratin is the real protein which is normally present in our hair. Not exclusively does the hair contain Keratin, it is additionally significantly included keratin-related proteins. It goes about as an outside defensive and inside basic protein to ensure your hair and keep them solid. Because of introduction to outside variables like the sun, contamination or chemicals, or changes in your way of life, the keratin exhibit in the hair gets drained. This misfortune is the thing that prompts dry, harmed and dull hair.

What exactly Keratin treatment do?

Amid a keratin treatment, keratin is added so that your damaged hair can be repaired and look smooth, gleaming and shiny. A Keratin treatment fills in the permeable spots which appeared because of the damage. This bad texture of hair cause frizz, tangles and breakage. A keratin treatment basically helps in rebuilding the hair by putting back the lost protein into your strands. Keratin Treatment is the process to straighten up your hair with the use of keratin base to keep the bond stable for some period of time. Traditionally Rebounding came into existence but since Salons has to use harsh chemicals, it soon lost the majority of its market. Today the latest trending technique to straighten your hair is Keratin Therapy which is a safe and proven technique to straighten your hair without any damage.

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The Process of Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment Before After Pure Brazilian Reconstructor Pre-Treatment required for Keratin Therapy
Treatments should never be taken just because your closest companion adored it, doesn’t mean it will suit you as well. As per the advice of our expert hairdressers, hair with wavy or bunched up surfaces are most appropriate to experience a keratin treatment. Then again, fine and reasonably straight hair ought to maintain a strategic distance from the treatment by and large. You should always visit the salon before the day you visit for the main Keratin—treatment session. This will give time to the hairdresser to work on your hair and prepare your hair for a successful hair transition.

The Process Steps involved in Keratin Therapy:
Step 1: To wash your hair (though we @ cocoon use a mild shampoo and not conditioner during the procedure of hair wash).
Stage 2: As the second step, the expert hair-dresser from cocoon will blow-dry your hair so as to evacuate any dampness left.

Stage 3: Afterwards, Keratin Solution is applied and left to get into roots.

Stage 4: Hairs are left to settle down with the goal that keratin treatment can rectify.

Stage 5: Hair-wash took after by a level iron to seal the answer for the specific day and age.

How Keratin Treatment is different from Hair Smoothening

It is a procedure wherein:
Where smoothening is done by using various concoction item (harsh chemical) is utilized to modify the hair holding/surface which can be a perpetual change until the new development. During the process, heat machines are used to straighten and stabilize the chemical based bonded hair which will last until the following wash time frame and isn’t changeless.

Hair Straightening is also called Japanese Straightening which does straighten your hair but is harsh on your scalp. Wherein during the Keratin therapy no harsh chemicals are used to create bonds rather just the technique of application of keratin proteins and with two washes it will ease the frizzy hairs. It is a synthetic procedure though causes less harm as the bond which is connected to the hair and fall naturally utilizing a mild level of chemical and results in natural looking Straight hair.

Advantage of Keratin based Smoothening

Keratin Treatment is completely safe for your hairs.
It makes the hair super glossy and sans frizz. It makes your hair straight which fall natural and compliment your looks completely.
It makes the hair look delicate and luxurious.
It does not require some special therapy to maintain the hairs.
You do not require any hair shower or gel to keep up the straight look.

Keratin treated hair

Keratin treated hair

Things to take care after undergoing Keratin Treatment:

Schedule your first hair wash after Keratin Treatment:
Subsequent to getting the treatment you shouldn’t wash your hair for 3 days in light of the fact that the blend sets aside opportunity to work. After that, you should always get your first hair-wash in the same salon where you got your keratin treatment done so that they can check whether the therapy had been done properly or if you need some more assistance.

You ought to dependably utilize without sulfate cleanser to profit the treatment and support.

Take utmost care when you are on the beach as the sea water has ample of sulphur content in it which can be really harmful for your keratin treated hairs.

What special can we do for you?

At Cocoon Salon, we specialize and our hair-experts suggests you Keratin therapies which go best for you, keeping in mind what is making waves in the beauty industry. Our motto stands tall at “customer satisfaction without compromising on customer’s health”. We follow a streamlined process to counsel and educate the customer about the treatment chosen and then implement the treatment. Afterwards, an expert takes a session on how to maintain the hair treatment and clear the doubts (if any). This is the only reason why have we created an edge for ourselves and made a success mark by outshining others.
Take Pride in Getting Spoiled and Pampered only with Cocoon Salon. Call now and get yourself noticed among crowd.

Hair Smoothing by Keratin

Hair Smoothing by Keratin

How much does the Keratin treatment cost?

The cost of the Keratin treatment depends on many factors such as:
Hair Length
Density of Hair
Texture of Hair
The basic package for keratin treatment starts from 5000 onwards at Cocoon. The hair length covered within this package is up to the shoulder length. As the length varies after that, the cost also varies. You can get an idea of the cost by dropping-in at any of the cocoon centres and consult the hairdresser. The hairdresser will give you the advice on the best treatment for your hairs along with the cost.

Walk-in to your nearest branch and take Pride in Getting Spoiled and Pampered only with “Cocoon Salon”. Call now and flaunt the silky free falling hairs in the next get together.

The following package is valid only through online booking.

Keratin treatment offer

Keratin treatment package/offer
Coupon code:KERATINWEB4750
Keratin treatment – Shoulder length hair
Advanced haircut / Pedispa
Total price: 4750
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