Pedicure – A treat to your feet

A pedicure is a cosmetic therapeutic treatment of the feet including toenails. It has been popular throughout the world not only among women but men in recent times. A pedicure removes dead skin and soften the hard skin of the feet and shapes and treats the toenails too. In pedicure generally skin care is given up to knees. So, pedicure is a complete session of relaxation as it includes exfoliation, moisturizing and massage, it also give a new fresh look to the feet.



Pedicure procedure video shot Cocoon Salon

Following is the pedicure video shot at one of our Cocoon Salon’s branches.

Why pedicure is important?

A regular pedicure can help in relaxing mind and body. The process of pedicure also includes acupressure which in turn helps in releasing stress and relaxes our muscles. A pedicure rejuvenate our mood and help in living better when it is combined with other treatments.

A pedicure exfoliates the feet and avoids formation of corns. It promore blood circulation too.
A regular pedicure supports chiropody. If you suffer from foot ailment, getting a proper pedicure can help in preventing the pain.
A pedicure can help in improving the body posture. A cared foot can help in walking comfortably.
A pedicure involves a good massage with many softening and soothing creams, which soothes and relaxes the feet and energizes the body. A good massage helps in blood circulation and results in making our skin look beautiful.

Pedicure foot massage at Cocoon Salon

Pedicure foot massage

Pedicure is a great way to ensure you look after your feet. There are various techniques used in pedicure from type of polish to massage, the techniques can vary from saloon to saloon. So, always select a good saloon with experienced beauticians like Cocoon, Hyderabad.

What to expect in a pedicure?

A traditional pedicure starts with a therapeutic foot bath. In this the feet are soaked and cleansed in warm, scented water for some time to soften the skin. This is like a mini Jacuzzi for the feet. Once the skin is soften, the feet is exfoliated with a gentle rubbing on the surface with salts to remove the dead skin. After this the pedicurists will remove the cuticles with a special cuticle tool, after this your toenails will be taken care off by giving them a good shape.


Pedicure – massaging toes

After the removal of dead skin and shaping of toenails, a good and soothing massage is given with the help of creams and aromatherapy, this refreshes and softens the skin. Many pedicurists’ gives massage up to the knees and also give acupressure based foot massage. Some pedicure treatments includes the use of hot stones, mud, wraps and algae.
A pedicure is finished with the application of a beautiful coloured nail paint on the toenails, which enhances the beauty of the feet.

Pedicure nail colour

Pedicurist applying nail colour at Cocoon Salon

A pedicure generally last between thirty to ninety minutes, depending upon the techniques and the type of pedicure. A good pedicure will result in fresh looking as well as fantastic feet.
Types of pedicures offered in Cocoon
Basic Pedicure: involves soaking of feet, exfoliating it with a scrubber, cutting the cuticles and shaping the toenail and applying nail paint.
Aroma Pedicure: this type of pedicure involves essential oils with soothing smell which relaxes mind and body.
Crystal Pedicure: this involves genuine crystals applied to the toenails, giving them a royal touch.
Candle Pedicure: best pedicure for winters. Help in moisturizing and soothes rough feet.

Pedicure FAQ

Can men get pedicures?
Many pedicurists and athletic coaches recommend pedicure for men as a healthy foot care routine. It protects them from foot ailment and soreness.
How often to get pedicure?
Once a month is fair enough to remove unwanted dead skin and shape toenails.
What to do after a pedicure?
If you haven’t applied nail paint, you can wear you socks and shoes and resume your normal life. If you have applied nail paints, wait for it to dry or wear flip flop and you are good to go.
Is pedicure safe?
Yes provided you choose professional saloon which is hygienic with experienced pedicurist. Always make sure that the pedicurist clean towels and equipment.


How much price does pedicure costs at Cocoon Salon?

It costs from 500-1200 depending on the type as the basic pedicure costs 500-650 and Pedispa costs 1000-1200.

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