Why Hair SPA is good for your hair?

Beautiful Hair with Hair SPA

Is your hair becoming dry?
Are you having dandruff?
Is your scalp itchy and dry?
Are you having more hair fall than normal?
Is your hair frizzy?
Is your hair not smooth like before?
Is your hair becoming thin?
Do you want bouncy and shiny hair?
Is your hair splitting at ends?

You are at the right place and the solution for all the problems is Hair SPA. It’s now most popular and after through research, Loreal Professional Paris, released products specially for Hair SPA.
Hair SPA is a procedure done to make your hair look natural, fresh, smooth and shiny. Hair SPA actually works on the roots of hair and scalp and not just on the hair itself.

Hair SPA Benefits

1. Removes Dirt and Chemicals (forms from pollution) from the roots of the Hair
2. Reduces Dryness/ Dandruff/ Hair Fall and nourishes the hair (Substances required for hair growth)
3. Increases the blood flow in the veins of the scalp and increases cell metabolism, which is needed to produce new healthy hair.
4. Keeps your hair Natural and healthy with required moisture, free from dirt and protects your hair with deep conditioning
5. Hair Spa repairs your hair at the root level.

Due to the UV light from Sun, Pollution in the air, hair loses its natural moisture, substances required for Hair growth.
Hair SPA removes dirt and chemicals from the roots of your hair and avoids dandruff, hair fall and also keeps your hair fresh and bouncy with the natural elastic nature and gives proper protection.
Hair SPA is with no side effects and many happy customers are enjoying beautiful hair with regular Hair SPA. Hair SPA procedure is done by Loreal Professsional products only. It is about 45 min procedure which includes hair wash with Loreal Shampoo and applying of Loreal Cream bath and vial of scalp concentrate mix to the scalp, touching all the hair strands. After applying, stylist will massage your scalp to make sure the SPA touches the roots of your scalp for best result. Massage is also required to increase the blood flow in the viens of your scalp which will help increase in the metabolism of cells that produce new hair. After that about 10 min of steam will be applied to the scalp to give required moisture to the scalp. Steam will bring required moisture to the roots of your hair and opens pores. After this hair wash will be done.

After the Hair SPA you will feel relaxed, fresh and with beautiful hair with nice smell.
Different Hair SPA products available in Loreal depending on your hair. Hair SPA is a solution for Dandruff, Hair Fall, Dry Hair and Hair Splits.
Hair SPA also makes your hair maintain required moisture, nourishes (substances required for growth) which will make your hair shine and bounce. Hair Spa actually repairs the hair from the root.
Hair SPA twice a week will help your hair grow naturally with shine and avoid hair loss and dandruff and Roughness.
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